Islam as a news is affecting our world and our worldview. This phenomenon has to stay as Muslims claim that they are here to control history till the End. Amidst a flood of news items about Islam people often miss the point. Happenings in the Muslim world are seen in misplaced perspectives and the Muslim mind is often misunderstood. Future Islam provides its readers a right perspective in which happenings around us can be seen and analyzed.

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While the recent wave of hostage taking in Iraq has created serious problems for Allawi Regime upsetting the Americans about their future dream in Iraq, yet at the same time it has brought some ideological questions to the fore: Does Islam allow hostage taking? Muslim intellectuals have been debating for quite sometime, if Islam allows suicide bombing. Some say in the Palestinian perspective it is okay as there is no other mode of protest left, while some still disagree. Shall Muslims as a nation be taken as supporters of suicide bombers? To have an in-depth understanding of the issue read:

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