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History Of Vaq-Vadic Period

Prof. Mohammed Naim

Recent studies in History have shown that mankind has completed its 10,000 years on the planet earth. Out of the 10,000 years the first 3.2 million years belonged to the Vedic Civilization. Present study shows that the first Vedic-Civilization named VAQ-VEDIC Civilization of the Proto-man Adity Aad(m) lasted about 425 years. The period comprised of 50 years of the Pre-Dynastic Family Period, 50 years of First Dynastic Period, 300 years of the Proto-Vedic 2nd Dynasty of Skandra Raja Maharaja Adhi-Raj Samud-Eqypt Shah IRAMA Sain RAMA, and 25 years of Sindh-Multan, Kashmir, and Mahabharat Battle of Kullu-Manali of the Vyas-River Valley in India, making a total of 425 years. Vaq-Vedic Period of Civilization came to an end with the Proto-man Adity Aad becoming Martyr on the 18th Day of the battle of Vyas-Valley at Sir-hand Capital of the Kullu State on the Day of Uttar-ayana Solor movement to the North Pole.

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