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  • A Warner to all and the blessings for the entire world as he was, the Prophet Mohammed’s message had a bearing of universality. He called for the general well being of all mankind, for the emancipation of man from man-made shekels. Islam then appeared to many as a liberating force, a gate wide open on all those seeking solace irrespective of their caste, creed, colour or race. The message of Islam coming from the mouth…

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  • Digression from Iqra

    The much publicised notion that the Prophet Mohammed was an unlettered person had a far-reaching impact on the Muslim mind. It not only discouraged attitude of scientific enquiry among muslims,…

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  • Clinging to false Hopes

    The dismissal of the Muslim nation from world leadership and her subsequent decline since then have made the common Muslim cling to false hopes, at times amounting to Shirk. Today…

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