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In Search of a Prophetic Voice

A Warner to all and the blessings for the entire world as he was, the Prophet Mohammed’s message had a bearing of universality. He called for the general well being of all mankind, for the emancipation of man from man-made shekels. Islam then appeared to many as a liberating force, a gate wide open on all those seeking solace irrespective of their caste, creed, colour or race. The message of Islam coming from the mouth of the prophet then had an international appeal. It attracted nations far b... view more


Clinging to false Hopes

future islam

The dismissal of the Muslim nation from world leadership and her subsequent decline since then have made the common Muslim cling to false hopes, at times amounting to Shirk. Today the entire Muslim world is infested with pre-Islamic superstitions regarding amulets, mystical charts and a host of irrational beliefs about the supposed power of these amulets that one often encounters, in some way or the other, in most Muslim homes. These charts, claiming their roots in the Quran have in fact suspen... view more

Digression from Iqra

future islam

The much publicised notion that the Prophet Mohammed was an unlettered person had a far-reaching impact on the Muslim mind. It not only discouraged attitude of scientific enquiry among muslims, in some Sufi circles, it even led to eulogising ignorance. In later centuries of Islam, the very concept of knowledge witnessed radical transformation. The Ilm Sharei, knowledge of religious sciences, that emerged mostly during the Abbasid Baghdad, attained prominence and a cloak of holiness surrounded th... view more


Enlightenment as an Islamic Concept

Dr Abdulaziz Othman Altwaijri

Terminology: It would be more appropriate to elucidate the issue of enlightenment before we tackle it from an Islamic point of view. Enlightenment as a linguistic term: In Lissan EI Arab (Arab Tongue) of Ibn Mandour, enlightenment means dawn. "Dawn has enlightened" means that the light of day has come. It is also said "One has prayed at enlightenment time", that is near dawn.... view more

The Nature Of The Environmental Crisis

Mary Evelyn Tucker And John Grim

Ours is a period when the human community is in search of new and sustaining relationships to the earth amidst an environmental crisis that threatens the very existence of all life-forms on the planet. While the particular causes and solutions of this crisis are being debated by scientists, economists, and policymakers, the facts of widespread destruction are causing alarm in many quarters. Indeed, from some perspectives the future of human life itself appears threatened. As Daniel Maguire has... view more

Prelude to Reconstruction: Shedding Complexes and Avoiding Violence

Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi

Only some may know the reality about Islam and Muslims, but the image that is everywhere is not good. Islam and Muslims are being projected as a threat to peace. Some perceive it as a threat to their personal security. Exceptions are made but not universally believed. It is claimed that like the Nazis and the Fascists and the Communists, radical Islam is out to dominate the world by force, destroying everything that comes in its way. Since radical Islam is not ascribed to any particular territ... view more

Removing the Dichotomy of Sciences: A Necessity for the Growth of Muslims

M. Amir Ali, Ph.D.

Introduction. In the Muslim scholarship, during the last few centuries, a dichotomy of sciences has developed, that is, deeni ("religious") sciences and dunyawi (worldly) sciences. Muhammad Muhsin Khan[1] in his translation of Sahih Bukhari frequently translates the Arabic word ‘ilm as “religious” knowledge. Muhsin Khan is a very poor translator and his translation of the Qur'an, which is distributed under the title “The Noble Qur'an”, is one of the worst translations of the Qur'an done by a M... view more

Religious Human Rights and the Qur'an

Riffat Hassan

Given the centrality of the Qur'an to the lives of the majority of the more than one billion Muslims of the world, the critical question is: What, if anything, does the Qur'an say about human rights? I believe that the Qur'an is the Magna Carta of human rights and that a large part of its concern is to free human beings from the bondage of traditionalism, authoritarianism (religious, political, economic, or any other), tribalism, racism, sexism, slavery or anything else that prohibits or inhibit... view more


Reconfiguring Interfaith & Intrafaith Understanding

H.E.Dr. Abdulaziz Altwaijri's Address

... view more

All Along

By All Along

At a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who warming, compared the chief executives of ompared the chief executivesompared the chief executives... view more

It Was Oil, All Along

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

At a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who exactlyAt a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who exactly... view more

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