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To be or not to be a European Muslim

The other day I came across Sandy Thom’s ‘I wish I was a Punk Rocker with flowers in my hair’ and I was awfully amazed by the amount of nostalgia that had engulfed the song: ‘Ow I was born too late/ To a world which does not care’. That sweet world – When music really mattered and when radio was king/ When accountants didn't have control/ And the media couldn't buy your soul/ …When pop stars still remained a myth/ And ignorance could still be bliss/ …And the only way to stay in touch was a lett... view more


Absence of Intellectual Freedom an Impediment for Muslim Societies

Mirza A. Beg

Muslims, humbly acknowledge that all our intellectual and worldly possessions are by the grace of God. All that is unsavory within us springs from our baser instincts (Nafs). We are strongly urged to use the gift of free-will to rise above our baser instincts to be the best we can be. The paradox of free will has been dissected by many Islamic as well as other scholars, such as Al Ghazali and St, Augustine, but no one has provided a coherent explanation devoid of polemics. One of the most thri... view more

Islam in Western mirror

Dr Nasir Khan

Present-day images of Muslims and Islam in Western media vary considerably. However, since the collapse of the Soviet Union the general drift of Western concerns has been to portray Islam as the main enemy of the West and the Muslim world as a hotbed of terrorism that threatens Western civilisation and its democratic values. ... view more


On Muslim-Christian Dialogue After 9/11: A View from Canada

M. Darrol Bryant

I. Introduction: As some of the readers of FutureIslam will know, I have been engaged in the study of what I call “the dialogue of religions” or “the encounter and dialogue of men and women of different religious traditions” for most of the past thirty years. ... view more


Asghar Ali Engineer

Every religion today is going through the struggle for change. When new challenges arise some try to reinforce tradition while others strive for change. This struggle goes on. Islam is no exception to it. However, it is nothing new.... view more

Muslim Non-Muslim Relations In The Islamic Perspective

Prof. Mohammed Rafi

In the new world order everything remotely reflecting Islam or Muslims is being targeted, ridiculed, criticized and condemned. The so called enlightened West and secularists have joined this band wagon without realizing the hollowness and long lasting disastrous effects on humanity of this attitude. With the progress that has been made in all the fields of knowledge, man should have achieved the ultimate goal of peace and human development.... view more

Transforming World Bank, IMF and WTO

Dr. Muhammad Mukhtar Alam

The Context Anti-Globalization Protest Defines Our Times As Much As There Are Endeavors For Globalization Of The Movement Of Capital And Technologies, Labour And Services, Consumption And Production Patterns. Globalization Of The Non-Renewable Resource Based Consumption And Production Pattern Has Been Indicted To Be Responsible For Increase In The Emission Of Green House Gases.... view more

Reason And Faith In Islam

Prof. Abdul Ali

The Our'an is believed by Muslims to be the Book revealed by Allah to the unschooled Prophet Muhammad as well as kept preserved in its original form for all times to come. Obviously, faith is an important element of the religion of Islam. ... view more


Reconfiguring Interfaith & Intrafaith Understanding

H.E.Dr. Abdulaziz Altwaijri's Address

... view more

All Along

By All Along

At a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who warming, compared the chief executives of ompared the chief executivesompared the chief executives... view more

It Was Oil, All Along

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

At a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who exactlyAt a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who exactly... view more

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