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Rethinking Ijtihad

For too long we Muslims have been pinning all our hopes on the revival of ijtihad. There is a widespread feeling that ijtihad or the process of reinterpreting the canon text that was put on hold after the sack of Baghdad in 1258, if reinvigorated, can redeem the ummah from the present impasse. Revival of ijtihad has been the rallying cry for the entire intellectual activity of the ummah during the last three hundred years or so. From Waliullah of Delhi and his Arabian counterpart Muhammed bin A... view more


Balancing the Prophet

Karen Armstrong

Ever since the Crusades, people in the west have seen the prophet Muhammad as a sinister figure. During the 12th century, Christians were fighting brutal holy wars against Muslims, even though Jesus had told his followers to love their enemies, not to exterminate them. The scholar monks of Europe stigmatised Muhammad as a cruel warlord who established the false religion of Islam by the sword. ... view more

Islam and Enlightenment Of Culture Clash and Constitution

Zafer Şenocak

It's not so long ago since the noise of battle died away on another culture clash. At the end of the sixties, a mere four decades ago, youth began to kick over of the traces, rebelling against the outmoded social and moral world of the older generation. The emancipation movement championed women's rights to self-determination and abortion, the assertion of equal rights for homosexuals became a banner of the campaign plan, too, while demonstrations and debate on society and its values set en... view more


Adultery And Qur’anic Punishment

Asghar Ali Engineer

Recently there was news about rajm i.e. stoning to death of some women and men in Iran for the offence of adultery. They were `buried up to the waist, and stoned to death. Before doing that they were given ritual bath (ghusl), wrapped in shroud and then buried up to the waist and stoned. This makes a shocking news and raises the question whether Qur’an permits such cruel punishment. ... view more

Arabian Secular And Sacred Ideological Contexts Of The Qur'an: Historical Innovation Through Revelation

Ammann, Ludwig

The success of revelations is scandalous. Why should a prophet's message attacking prevalent convictions and institutions find support? Why would any self-respecting community follow a single man's call to convert and mend its ways? Religious and cultural change isn't self-evident, on the contrary. The advent of Islam is a striking example: God's revelation calling for an Abrahamitic monotheism in Mecca was ignored and rejected by a vast majority of its addressees.... view more

Secular Dimensions of Islam for Peaceful co-existence in Pluralistic Societies

Professor Abdul Ali

The term secular or secularism originated in Europe in the later medieval period. In early medieval times there was in Europe a strong tendency among religious person to despise worldly affairs and to meditate on God and on the life hereafter. Reaction to this medieval tendency took the form of a movement which has been in progress during the entire period of modern history. It was also looked upon as anti-Christian and anti-religious.... view more

The Success Of Islam And Failure Of Muslims

Prof. Mohammed Rafi

Religion is an amazing phenomenon which plays contradictory roles in the life of human beings. It destroys and revitalizes, puts to sleep and awakens, enslaves and emancipates and teaches docility and revolt. The history of the Muslims reflects these contradictory roles among various social classes. Islam as a dynamic ‘Deen’ or way of life urges Muslims to move on with the times. The Muslims on the other hand have stuck to the deviant and decadent version of their concept of Islam.... view more

Winning the Struggle against Global Warming

Brendan Mackey & Song Li

Introduction If global warming is the mother of all environmental problems - as Al Gore’s film "An Inconvenient Truth" suggests and the "Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change" infers - then we must find a solution soon. Addressing the root causes of global warming will require a level of national and international cooperation not seen since the Allied nations’ response during World War II.... view more


Reconfiguring Interfaith & Intrafaith Understanding

H.E.Dr. Abdulaziz Altwaijri's Address

... view more

All Along

By All Along

At a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who warming, compared the chief executives of ompared the chief executivesompared the chief executives... view more

It Was Oil, All Along

By Bill Moyers and Michael Winship

At a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who exactlyAt a congressional hearing this week, James Hansen, the NASA climate scientist who exactly... view more

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