The beginning of the twenty first century sent shock waves around the world of Islam. With the fall of the Twin Towers in New York the Muslim world plunged into a deep crisis. It appeared to many of us that our intellectuals and Ulema were caught unaware in the web of American led war on terror. The debacle in Afghanistan followed by illegal and unethical war on Iraq and the bullying of other muslim countries by America, left the Ummah with no choice but to ponder why it is was happening to us and where could we find refuge? Has God really forsaken the best of nations, the khair-e-Ummah, who otherwise were supposed to lead history till End time? There were many thinking Muslims who felt, more than ever before, that the reins of history had slipped away from our hands. That our intellectual vision was more blurred than what meets the eye was a shared feeling even among those who were not articulate enough to pinpoint it. That the Muslim mind needs revival and the time has come to reconnect ourselves to the Divine Revelation was a widespread feeling though many of us may not be fully aware of how to do it. With faith in God's Mercy and in His promise - wallazina Jahedoo Fina la nahdiannahum fi subuluna - a group of thinking Muslims decided to refresh the Quranic guidance in our time.

Submitted souls around the globe regarded it a matter of urgent concern to save the world from civilizational fascism which, if not immediately checked, may eventually turn the entire world into a Gauntanamo Bay. Long before it was eventually launched in September 2004 the editor of Future Islam and his friends came to the conclusion that different civilizational units of the world have to do enough homework so as to forge a loosely structured council of thinking individuals, policy makers and intellectually beaming minds across the globe.

In a nutshell, Future Islam is intended to emerge as a global forum where best minds of the world will participate in shaping a better future. Upholding the last Revelation and determined to pull down all the misgivings of interpretations, here is a forum inviting us all to plug into God and His Prophet. As the situation has never been so ripe as today we believe that the time has come to fulfill the promise of a truly international world order -- the mission statement of all the Prophets -- to be accomplished in full measure by those who have the guts and courage to accept the challenge of the Last Revelation. FutureIslam thus undertaken should appear as a major civilizational project.

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